A Man Worth

Morning. Yea I know it's soooo early in the morning.
Sorry I've been... What's it called? Postponing to post? Yea whatever. I feel sooo far away from this blog, you know since when, HIGH SCHOOL.

Well, now I'm not going to give a damn about schools, the duty, tasks, teachers, and many other sucks because HELL-O, people have 'em daily-_- should I talk more about it?

Okay, back to topic. You know, I've ever tell all my friends that "It doesn't matter how ugly a man is, if he is your boyfriend, he will make you feel like 'OH MY GOOOD, he's my boyfriend.' Or 'WTF he's damn handsome and I never know before!'" And it is proven.

Actually, I said this because I get that feeling. Often. And tonight I just opened some of my boyf's pics and feel 'Hey, can't believe you're my man!'. Or when he came to my house, and I stared at him then I... Amazed. And sooooooo many stories by friends told me.

Well maybe not all of you ever get this feeling. You know why? Maybe you should try to love your man at all costs. No matter what he has, no matter who he is, love him all the way he is. Then you'll get your own prince charming.

So Girls, make him your own prince charming and love him at all costs.
Boys, find a girl who loves you the most.


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